Article I - Organization

Article I - Organization

§ 1

The North Conway Water Precinct (NCWP) is a specially municipal corporation providing water and sewer service, fire protection and recreational facilities and programs to Precinct residents in North Conway and Bartlett, New Hampshire. The legislative charter of NCWP (the “NCWP Charter) is comprised of Laws of 1905 ch 170, as amended by Laws 1987, ch 417.

§ 2

Special Meetings of the NCWP may be called by the Board of Commissioners and may also be called by the Board of Commissioners within 30 days following the submission to them of a petition signed by at least 60 registered voters requesting such a meeting and stating the business to be conducted.

§ 3

The warrant for any annual or special meeting shall be issued by the Commissioners and shall prescribe the place, day and hour of the meeting and the subject matter of all business to be acted upon at the meeting. The Commissioners shall post an attested copy of the warrant for any meeting at the place of meeting and a like copy at one other public place in the Precinct at least 14 days before the day of the meeting, not counting the day of the posting or the day of the meeting. The Commissioners, when calling a special meeting, shall within one week after posting the warrant for such meeting, cause a copy of the warrant to be published once in a newspaper of general circulation of the Precinct.

§ 4

The voters who attend any annual or special meeting of the Precinct shall constitute a quorum, and, unless otherwise required by law, the business of the meeting shall be conducted by majority vote of the voters present and voting.

Chapter 150:HB 411, 2005 amendment as maintained by the NH Liberty Alliance.


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