Interactive Web Design From 5 Inches to Wicked Huge

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There are more mobile users than laptop & desktop users looking at your website today. Can they see it?

The way people see your website depends heavily on the manner, or context, from where they are and what hey are doing. In fact, today most people are accessing the web while they are hunting for a restaurant that meets their tastes, or looking for a hair salon that can make the cut, or trying to find out what to do while traveling.

Responsive web design is all about fitting the message onto the screen that your clients are looking at, and giving them the clearest message that will draw them in. And if you consider that your smartphone has a screen that may be as tiny as 5 inches then the information that you show first better be there, otherwise they drop their interest immediately.

We design all of our websites with the mobile user in mind.

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Responsive web design gets your site to anticipate the client's screen size and then fit and arrange the content so it is professionally pleasing to that screen size. This design methodology allows us to make one website that looks as great on a desktop as it does on a smartphone or tablet and you won't need to have 2 websites to do.


The best form of advertising is word of mouth, and integrating your website's content with social media allows your clients to rave about how great your product is to their friends on Facebook, as well as allowing you to talk about your latest promotions on your own website while simultaneously teasing your Facebook and Twitter followers and drawing them over to your website for the bigger picture.

When you draw a crowd back to your website through social media, search engines like Google and Bing are able to recognize these trends and start taking a closer look at your site, and rank it accordingly so that your business gets in the eyes of people looking for your services or specialty even if they never heard of you before.