G. Land Use

G. Land Use
  • Issue G1

In order to accomplish the policies suggested in this master plan, the zoning ordinance and other land use regulations will have to be changed. In addition to changing Conway’s land use regulations, other approaches have been recommended, including the preparation of a redevelopment plan for the Kearsarge Metallurgical brownfield site.

Recommended Actions Time Period (Years)
G. Land Use 1-2 3-5 6-10
  1. Review and revise Conway's land use regulations so that they are consistent with the goals and policies of the master plan. The revised regulations should consider the following concepts:
    • Performance-based zoning standards that address development-related impacts. Provisions for signage, parking facilities and layout, vista protection, and landscaping should be included. The design standards should also include illustrations of practical design alternatives.
    • Incentives such as density bonuses for developments that complement the goals of the Conway Master Plan.
    • Zoning district boundaries that support the goals and objectives outlined in this master plan
    • Development and design regulations that are specific to distinct areas of the town (i.e. villages and non-village areas).

Policy Goals and Objectives: G1, G2, G3, G4, G5, G6, G8, G9, G10
Implementation Responsibility: Planning Board
Support Agency: Planning Department

  1. Work with the Nature Conservancy and similar organizations and foundations as well as private landowners in the acquisition of development rights, conservation land and open space areas throughout Conway.

Policy Goals and Objectives: G8, G13, G15
Implementation Responsibility: Conway Conservation Commission
Support Agencies: Board of Selectmen