F. Sense of Community

F. Sense of Community
  • Issue F1

Conway truly is a community of villages. In addition to the scenic quality and access to outdoor recreational activities, the unique design features and identity of each village adds to the attractiveness and distinctiveness of Conway. Conway residents generally identify themselves not so much as living in the Town of Conway, but rather by their respective village. Conway’s development and growth over the past century and a half has been rooted within its villages. With so much community identity resting within the villages it is important to preserve and enhance the qualities which make each village unique, and, at the same time, create spaces which unify and bond the town as a whole.

  • Issue F2

Increasingly master plans are being created in order to be a “living document” – a reference to evaluating and updating the master plan at regular intervals to keep the document relevant. Typically, revisions and updates are completed on an ad hoc or chapter by chapter basis by municipal planning officials or planning board members. Although this type of revision may be adequate for some communities, future master plan updates should be completed within a comprehensive unified approach, such as a strategic master plan. If completed in its entirety and by a single party this document would serve as a cohesive addendum to the master plan for future revisions.

Recommended Actions Time Period (Years)
F. Sense of Community 1-2 3-5 6-10
  1. Prepare village plans for North Conway Village, Conway Village and Center Conway Village that identifies desirable infrastructure and aesthetic enhancements. The plans should also suggest design standards that can be used to protect and enhance the characteristics that make each village special. These plans should be adopted and incorporated into the Conway Master Plan.

Policy Goals and Objectives: F1, G3, G4
Implementation Responsibility: Planning Board
Support Agency: Planning Department, Chambers of Commerce