C. Municipal Services and Infrastructure

C. Municipal Services and Infrastructure
  • Issue C1

As discussed in the Municipal Services and Infrastructure Chapter, Conway has some unique service and infrastructure systems. As the master plan is the fundamental framework used for guiding Conway through the next decade, it is critical that a coordinated linkage between infrastructure, service providers and land use planning efforts be formalized.

  • Issue C2

All proposed infrastructure improvements in Conway should be evaluated in terms of impacts on future growth and development. To the extent possible, improvements should not be undertaken if it is determined that these improvements will foster excessive growth and development in environmentally sensitive areas or areas identified as locations for low-density residential development.

Recommended Actions Time Period (Years)
C. Municipal Services and Infrastructure 1-2 3-5 6-10
  1. Encourage the Conway School District to prepare a comprehensive Capital Improvements Plan that identifies the school district’s infrastructure needs for Conway over the next ten years.

Policy Goals and Objectives: C2, C6, F3
Implementation Responsibility: Conway School District and Board of Selectmen
Support Agency: SAU 9 Superintendent

  1. Encourage multi-purpose school and municipal facilities. This should include investigating the feasibility of a community center in the proposed school design. The center would serve as a facility for performing arts, cultural activities and public gatherings.

Policy Goals and Objectives: C2, F3
Implementation Responsibility: Board of Selectmen
Support Agencies: Town Manager

  1. The town should continue its support for interconnecting the CVFD and NCWP infrastructure systems and assist in the process by accessing any state and/or federal funding sources (i.e. CDBG and CDAG grants) that may promote interconnection.

Policy Goals and Objectives: C3
Implementation Responsibility: Board of Selectmen
Support Agency: Town Manager, CVFD & NCWP, NCC

  1. The town should prepare a comprehensive water and sewer infrastructure plan that complements the development objectives represented in this master plan. This infrastructure plan should incorporate the precinct infrastructure plans and water and sewer service extensions to non-precinct areas.

Policy Goals and Objectives: G4, C2, G3, B1
Implementation Responsibility: Board of Selectmen
Support Agencies: Planning Board, CVFD and NCWP

  1. Examine opportunities for coordination and cooperation among Conway's fire and emergency service providers.cluster subdivisions where appropriate.

Policy Goals and Objectives: C5
Implementation Responsibility: Board of Selectmen
Support Agency: Town Manager, Precincts

  1. Establish a Capital Improvements Program Committee to prepare and maintain an annual capital improvement program of municipal capital improvement projects over a period of at least six years in accordance with RSA 674:5.

Policy Goals and Objectives: C1, C4, C6, F2
Implementation Responsibility: Board Of Selectmen
Support Agency: Planning Board, Town Manager