Article VIII - Board of Adjustment


  1. The Board of Adjustment shall consist of five members, one of whom shall be elected at each annual Precinct Meeting for a term of five years, and three alternates who shall be elected for a term of one year. The Moderator shall make appointments to fill vacancies occurring on the Board of Adjustment until the next annual Precinct Meeting. The members of the Board of Adjustment shall live within the Precinct and serve without remuneration. The Board shall exercise the powers granted to it by RSA 674:33 and RSA 677 and all other laws of NH. The Board's power to grant special exceptions is limited to the conversion of an existing structure to a permitted use or to an Outing or Ski Club, the criteria for which are as follows:
    1. There shall be no significant change to the structure or to the appearance of the structure being converted.
    2. The provision of small window balconies, entrance stoops, dormers, access stairs or fire escapes shall not be considered as significant structural changes, but they shall not increase any existing nonconformity in the structure.
    3. Adequate off-street parking must be provided for all vehicles or persons using or serving the facility.
    4. Fire escapes must be provided from every floor on which public sleeping rooms are located.
    5. All applicable Town and State adopted building and life safety codes shall be complied with.
  2. If a variance or special exception is authorized, the Board shall notify the Commissioners of the details of such authorization.

Kearsarge Zoning Ordinance