Article VII - Enforcement


  1. It shall be the duty of the Precinct Commissioners, and they are hereby given power and authority, to enforce the provisions of this ordinance and to expend such funds as may be raised and appropriated by the precinct for legal and other expenses.
  2. It is unlawful to erect any structure or relocate any stucture or expand the footprint of any structure, including accessory structures, without first obtaining a Precinct Building Permit. When filing an application for a building pernlit with the Comisssioners, a non-refundable fee (to be established by the Kearsarge Lighting Precinct Board of Commissioners) shall be paid to the Precinct. Any property owner who undertakes construction without first obtaining a building permit shall be fined One Hundred Dollars ($100.00).
  3. The Precinct Commissioners shall provide the Building Permit forms and the forms for application therefore. They shall promulgate instructions governing the application for the issue of Building Permits, and shall issue any and all Building Permits requested when the proposed structure is in accordance w'ith the provisions of this ordinance. A Building Permit shall be valid for one year from the date of issue, and applicant agrees to complete the structure permitted within the said one year period subject to penalty as hcreinafter set forth. The Precinct hereby adopts the provisions of RS.A 676:12 and may withhold a building permit if, after publication of first notice of proposed changes to the zoning ordinance, it appears that the proposed structure will be affected by the proposed change.
  4. Although a permit may be required by either the Town of Bartlett or the Town of Conway, no permit shall be required from the Kearsarge Lighting Precinct for repairing or internally remodeling any structure if the use or footprint of the structure is not thereby changed.
  5. The Precinct Commissioners may reasonably enter into or upon any structure under construction during daylight hours without notice to the owner or builder.

Kearsarge Zoning Ordinance