B. Criteria for Permitted Uses:

B. Criteria for Permitted Uses:

  1. Residential Properties:
    1. For New Construction, lot size, frontage, setbacks and clearances are as follows:
  Lot Size Frontage Front Setback Side & Rear Setback
Single Homes 2 Acres 250' 80' 25'
Duplex Homes 2 Acres/Unit 250'/Unit 80' 50'
Apartment Houses 2 Acres/Unit 250'/Unit 80' 50'
Condominiums 2 Acres/Unit 250'/Unit 80' 50'
Tourist Homes 2 Acres 250' 80' 25'
Boarding Houses 2 Acres 250' 80' 25'
Lodging Houses 2 Acres 250' 80' 25'
Rooming Houses 2 Acres 250' 80' 25'
B&B (not more than 5 bedrooms) 2 Acres 250' 80' 25'
B&B (more than 5 bedrooms) 2 Acres 250' 80'


b. Regulations governing conversion of an existing structure to any of the above uses are set forth in Article VI.
c. Owner-occupied residential properties may be used by the owner as their office if they are a doctor, veterinarian, engineer, architect, lawyer, real estate or insurance salesperson. Owner-occupied residential properties may also be used for home occupations such as hairdressing, dressmaking, manufacture of craft or art products for sale, or growing produce or flowers for sale. In connection with the above-permitted activities, not more than two persons other than the owner, spouse and their children may be employed at any one location.
d. All residential properties that offer sleeping accommodations to transient or permanent guests shall be owner-occupied and operated.
e. Newly constructed buildings shall have no more than six living units and provide off-street parking at a rate of two spaces per unit.
f. For duplex homes, apartment houses and condominiums, a density of one living unit per 2 acres shall be determined by subtracting from the total acreage available the following:
(1) Public and/or private rights-of-way;
(2) Wetlands as defined by NHDES. very poorly drained soils;
(3) Exposed ledges;
(4) Slopes with a grade of 25% or greater;
(5) Bodies of water or watercourses which exist and generally run 210 days or more in a given year, including a buffer of 50 feet to either side of this determined watercourse or around a standing body of water.
The net acreage so determined shall be divided by two to determine the number of living units that may be placed on the lot.
g. Manufactured Housing is permitted for single family homes and is subject to all regulations governing single homes.
h. Clustered Housing. In order to encourage the preservation of open space and to promote a more efficient use of the land through the use of smaller networks of utilities and roads, multiple residential structures may be built on a single parcel of land, provided that:
(1) The net residential density of the clustered residential development shall not exceed one residential unit per two acres;
(2) All structures, primary or accessory, must be constructed a minimum of fifty feet from any other structure, on or off the property, which is not owned by same owner(s);
(3) No more than t\vo single-family dwellings may be located off of a private driveway. If the construction of roads is necessary to service the cluster development, the road standards of the Town of Bartlett, if the road is located in said Bartlett, or the Town of Conway, if the road is located in said Conway, shall be applicable, respectively.
1. Farms and Farming Activities:
a. Farms for the production of forestry products, food crops or flowers shall be at least two acres in size and shall have a frontage of at least 50 feet. Non-residential buildings located thereon shall set back at least 80 feet from the centerline of the traveled portion of the
roadway and at least 50 feet from any other property lines.
Fertilizers, sprays, and equipment must be stored in appropriate shelters.
b. Farms for livestock shall be at least five acres in size and shall have a frontage of at least 250 feet. Setbacks shall be the same as above.
The property shall be adequately fenced. Stables, pens, and coops shall be maintained and operated in a manner to avoid odors, sounds
or products offensive to the neighborhood. Food supplies, medicinal needs, and excreta shall be kept in suitable sheltered spaces.
Commercial riding accessories such as tie bars, corrals (or riding rings) and jumping barricades shall be no closer than 50 feet to any property line.

c. No livestock for personal use or pleasure may be kept on residential property unless adequate shelter is provided and the animals are maintained without unreasonable offense to neighbors.

3. Greenhouses and Nurseries:
a. The criteria set forth in Article V paragraph B. 2.a. shall apply.
b. Small greenhouses attached to residential properties for non-commercial use are permitted, provided they meet the minimum setback requirements set forth in Article V.B.1.
4. Full-Sized Golf Courses (9-Hole minimum):
The right-of-way to a golf course shall be at least 50 feet wide. and shall connect with a public right-of-way.
Criteria for Permitted Uses:

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