Article IX - Penalties


  1. The Commissioners are authorized by law to impose penalties for violations of requirements of the Zoning Ordinance. A civil penalty in an amount set forth in RSA-676:17 may be assessed by the Commissioners, together with costs and reasonable attorney's fees. Said penalty shall begin on the day written notice to the owner or builder specifying the violations is received, and will run until all violations have been corrected. The Commissioners shall have the right to withhold the issuance of a building permit until all civil penalties, including costs and reasonable atorney's fees, due from the applicant have been paid. Unpaid penalties may become a lien 0r the entire property committed to the Precinct's Tax Collector (Town of Conway or Bartlett Tax Collector) who shall collect the same with the same rights and remedies as in the collection of taxes as provided under NH Statute, including, but not limited to, RSA ch 80, by the Commissioners.

Kearsarge Zoning Ordinance