Article IV - General Provision


  1. No junk-yard or place for the storage of discarded machinery, unregistered vehicles, glass, paper, cordage, refuse or other waste or discarded material shall be maintained in the Precinct. The storage of non-commercial material and equipment may be maintained, including not more than one (1) unregistered, uninspected vehicle.
  2. No owner or occupant of land shall permit ruins from fire or any other causes to be left, but shall remove or rebuild same to ground level within one year and properly re-grade, re-loam and re-seed the site, or the Precinct shall do the same and bill the owner(s) of the property for said work. Nothing hereunder shall prohibit the Precinct from such further action as law or equity permit.
  3. The removal of clay, sod, loam, sand, or gravel from the Lighting Precinct is not permitted. If removal and excavation is required for a building construction or site improvement, then the area shall be re-graded, re-loamed, re-seeded or otherwise re-covered to assure that the premises shall be left in sightly condition and protected against erosion.
  4. Sanitary Protection
    1. No privy, cesspool, septic tank, or sewerage disposal system shall be constructed or maintained unless it is in accordance with standards set and enforced by the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES).
  5. Any use that may produce noxious or injurious odor, dust, smoke, refuse matter, fumes, noise, vibration or similar condition must be controlled or managed so as to prevent any disturbance to the comfort, peace, enjoyment, health or safety of the community or any of its inhabitants.
  6. Travel Trailers, Campers or Recreational Vehicles Containing Living Units.
    1. 1. Occupied travel trailers, campers and recreational vehicles containing living units are permitted an a temporary basis for not more than a thirty (30) day period, in any six (6) month period, and they must conform to zoning ordinance setbacks. These units will be considered permanent living units if occupied for more than thirty (30) days, and would be subject to zoning ordinances and required permits.
  7. Signs
    1. Home offices permitted herein shall be allowed one (1) advertising sign with a message area not in excess of three square feet;
    2. Farm and nursery stands permitted herein shall be allowed one (1) advertising sign with a message area not in excess of ten (10) square feet;
    3. One (1) real estate sign identifying property for sale or lease shall be allowed on the lot or building which is for sale or lease and shall have a message area which does not exceed sixteen (16) square feet.
    4. Directional signs with a message area not to exceed four (4) square feet to indicate entrance and/or exit driveways shall be allowed on the lot of record. .
    5. No internally lighted, neon or flashing signs are allowed. No moving signs or signs which give the appearance of motion shall be allowed. No off-premise signs are allowed.
  8. Prohibited Uses.
    1. Parks for Mobile Homes or Trailers - A park for such use means any single lot of land occupied or designated for occupancy by two or more trailers or mobile homes in use for living purposes. Mobile home or trailer means a single complete and livable prefabricated dwelling unit transported on wheels on its own integral chassis, not requiring a foundation and requiring connection to water, power and sewage disposal systems for proper occupancy.
    2. Industrial Operations, except as permitted in V.B.1.c below. Industry is the gainful activity of producing, distributing and changing the form of raw materials or of assembling components and parts, packaging, warehousing, and transporting finished products. Such production involves the employment of management, labor, machinery and real estate to create tangible products or utility services having value.
    3. Tourist Courts, Tourist Cabins and Motels -Meaning any detached or semi-detached buildings and containing sleeping rooms generally with outside entrances and parking space for each room and intended primarily for the accommodation of the automobile traveling public.
  9. Grandfather Clause.
    1. A lot recorded at the Carroll County Registry of Deeds which conforms to the Kearsarge Lighting Precinct Zoning Ordinance in effect on the date of recording shall be considered a buildable lot.
      ​Any improvements made to the lot must conform to the Precinct's Zoning Ordinance in effect at the time of permit application.
    2. Non-conforming lots of record which adjoin another lot of record (provided that one of the lots is undeveloped) and which become the property of the same owners shall be considered a single lot subject to the regulations herein.
  10. Fences.
    1. Fences of any kind arc not subject to setback requirements.

Kearsarge Zoning Ordinance