article XV - Board Of Selectmen

article XV - Board Of Selectmen


The executive and administrative arm of Town Government, except where provided otherwise by this Charter, or general law, shall be entrusted to and exercised by a Board of three (3) Selectmen, elected at-large by plurality vote to staggered three (3) year terms. The Board shall discharge all duties conferred or imposed upon it by law and this Charter.


Within seven (7) days of the Annual Town Election, the Board shall hold an organizational meeting. The Board will elect a Chairperson and a Vice-Chairperson from among their Board and appoint a Secretary to the Board for purposes of keeping a record of all Board meetings.

The Chairperson shall be recognized as the head of the Town for all ceremonial purposes, and shall preside over
meetings of the Board. In the absence of the Chairperson all of the duties will be assumed by the Vice-Chairperson.
At the organizational meeting, the Board shall adopt rules of order and fix the time and place of regular meetings. Meetings shall be held on a regular meeting date unless on a holiday in which case no regular meeting shall be required. Voting on all matters, except procedural, shall be by roll call unless there is unanimous agreement.
Special meetings of the Board may be called at any time by the Chairperson, or the other two members. Notice of
any special meeting sllall be given to all members and public notice given as statute requires, except for an
emergency meeting.
The Minutes of each meeting shall be approved by the Board and the official copy authenticated by the signature of the Secretary of the Board or its Chairperson. Minutes of the meeting shall be made available for public inspection as per Statute required.
The Board must keep an official record of its proceedings which, except for executive sessions as covered by RSA 9l-A:3, shall be open for public inspection.


No Selectman may be elected to more than two (2) full consecutive three (3) year terms or serve in said office more than eight (8) consecutive years, whichever is greater. Nothing shall prohibit re-election of said person to the Board of Selectmen after being out of office for one (1) year.

Board Of Selectmen

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