§ XIII - Conflict Of Interest

§ XIII - Conflict Of Interest

No Conway Town official or employee, elected or appointed, may engage in any Town activity other than normal duties in which they may stand to profit monetarily.

Any elected or appointed officer or employee of the Town who has a financial interest, direct or indirect, in any planned or existing contract, job, work or service to be performed for the Town or voluntary sale to the Town of any land, materials, supplies, equipment or other property shall make full disclosure of such interest to the Board, Commission or Town Manager to or by which the officer or employee is elected, appointed or employed prior to the Town's deliberating on any such matter or transaction. The person so financially interested in such matters or transactions shall not vote in any of the Board of Selectmen's consideration of such matter or transaction or any other Town consideration of such matter or transaction, but this shall not prohibit such person from providing information as may be appropriate to the due deliberation and consideration of such matter.

No elected or appointed officer or employee of the Town shall solicit or accept any gift or gratuity which could, in any manner, be construed to affect or influence the performance of his/her official duties.

Violations of any of the foregoing provisions may constitute a conflict of interest and subject the official or employee to removal proceedings and/or proceedings under the recall provisions of this Charter.

Conflict Of Interest

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