§ III - Emergency Ordinances And By-Laws

§ III - Emergency Ordinances And By-Laws

Emergency Ordinances and By-Laws affecting life, health, property or the public peace or any subject specifically authorized by the General Laws, to be enacted by the Selectmen only, may be promulgated and enacted by the Selectmen only, in accordance with the procedures now set forth by law except that, prior to adoption, there shall be posted in at least three (3) public places in the Town and in a newspaper of general circulation in the community, the purpose and general language of the Ordinance or By-Law. The actual enactment of the emergency Ordinance or By-Law shall be at a regular Selectmen's meeting in

accordance with the "Right to Know Laws" of the State of New Hampshire. Emergency Ordinances or By-Laws so enacted shall be automatically repealed and be null and void after the time specified in the Ordinance or By-Law, or if no time limit stated, to continue until resolved by said Selectmen after notice and hearing, or as required at law, whichever sooner, but not later than the sixty-first (61st) day following the date of which it was enacted and posted with the Town

Clerk for recording.

Emergency Ordinances And By-Laws

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