Town Charter



This CHARTER applies to all of the TOWN OF CONWAY as originally laid out, in whatever form, division, or parts it is now recognized by, and retains all of the rights granted to the Town of Conway by the General Assembly on October 1, 1765, and all rights subsequently granted to the Town by the State of New Hampshire.
Under the authority granted by the Constitution of the State of New Hampshire and the General Court, the voters of Conway hereby adopt a new Charter, Adoption is made for the following purposes:
  • To advance home rule and to secure as vested rights for the Town and its people all powers possible under the laws of this state and nation;
  • To clarify the structure and organization of Town Government;
  • To define the duties and responsibilities of Town Officers and officials;
  • To establish procedural requirements for the proper transaction of Town business;
  • To provide for the citizens of Conway a unified and more convenient reference than is available with respect to the basic laws affecting local government.

Conway Town Ordinances