Wall Sign. Wall Sign. 

For lots without multiple commercial tenants, each lot shall be permitted one wall sign. For lots with multiple commercial tenants, each commercial tenant shall be permitted one wall sign. All wall signs shall be located on a wall, which is common to both the interior and exterior of the business identified by the sign. The height of the message area shall not exceed the greater of 20 feet from the undisturbed ground or a height equal to 75% of the total height of the building, nor shall it exceed the height of the wall to which it is attached. The message area of the wall sign shall be based on the following formulas, subject to increase by bonus granted per Section 

  • For floor areas up to and including 50,000 square feet, the maximum message area shall be calculated as follows: 
  • 20 + (total s.f. floor area X 0.0016) 
  • If the floor area of the business is greater than 50,000 square feet, the maximum wall sign message area shall be 100 square feet. A business with a floor area greater than 50,000 square feet be permitted one additional wall sign if it has two or more exterior public or customer entrances excluding emergency entrances that are at least 20 feet apart. The message area of the second wall sign shall not exceed 20 square feet. 
  • The Zoning Board of Adjustment may grant the following special exceptions: 
    • For a major business in a shopping center or mall that does no 
    • have wall frontage facing its primary parking lot, one additional wall sign may be permitted, provided that the following conditions are met: the size of the message area shall not exceed 40 square feet; the sign shall be located on a wall facing the primary parking lot; total wall sign area on the wall shall not exceed 10%; and all relevant height restrictions specified in Section apply. 
    • For two or more businesses located in a single building or within attached buildings and where the businesses share a common pedestrian entrance, an additional wall sign may be permitted, subject to the following: the sign shall be used only to identify and locate the businesses within; the message area shall not exceed 12 square feet; the sign shall be located immediately adjacent to the common entrance; and that the additional freestanding sign permitted by Special Exception under Section is not used.
Wall Sign. 

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