Freestanding Sign. Freestanding Sign.

There shall be no more than one freestanding sign per lot, except that where a lot fronts on two or more public rights-of-way and has two entrances at least 500 feet apart, two freestanding signs shall be permitted.

  • The size of the message area shall not exceed 40 square feet. 
  • The height of the message area shall not exceed 15 feet above the undisturbed ground.
  • The width of the message area shall not exceed 12 feet.
  • The minimum setback shall be 25 feet from a platted right-of-way, and five feet from all other property boundaries.
    • Freestanding sign setbacks may be reduced to 10' from a platted right-of-way, if the size of the message area is reduced to 30 square feet maximum. All of the dimensional requirements, excepting the size of the message area and the minimum front setback shall be required of these signs. 
  • Where an existing nonconforming sign serves more than one commercial establishment each having at least 60,000 square feet or residential development each comprised of at least 20 residential units sharing common access, the size of the message area may be expanded based upon 40 square feet per commercial establishment and twenty square feet per residential development; provided, however, that the total message area shall not exceed 80 square feet in any case. 
  • Projecting signs, including sign structure, not to exceed six (6) square feet in the Village Commercial Districts are permitted in the lieu of a freestanding sign. The sign shall be at least ten feet above the ground; the top of the sign shall be no more than fifteen feet above the ground. 
  • The Zoning Board of Adjustment may grant the following special exceptions:
    • For two or more businesses located in a single building or within attached buildings and where the businesses share a common pedestrian entrance, an additional freestanding sign may be permitted for use as a directory sign provided that the following conditions are met: the sign shall be used only to identify and locate businesses within; the message area shall not exceed 12 square feet; the height of the message area shall not exceed 20 feet above the undisturbed ground; the sign shall meet all setbacks; and the additional wall sign permitted by Special Exception under Section is not used. 
    • Where existing buildings are set back from the right-of-way less than the setback required for freestanding signs in Section, the right-of-way setback of the freestanding sign may be reduced from 25 to any lesser amount down to five feet, provided that the following conditions are met: the message area shall be reduced to not more than 20 square feet; the sign shall not obstruct vehicular or pedestrian traffic; the sign shall not obstruct the line-of-sight for traffic entering or exiting the site; and the sign shall not unduly obstruct the visibility of other signs or property in the area. 
  •  One appendage may be attached to a freestanding or projecting sign, and the message area of this appendage shall be considered part of the total message area of the sign. No appendage shall be permitted on supports nor directional signs. 
Freestanding Sign.

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