The Zoning Board of Adjustment may grant a special exception for up to twelve dwelling units per acre, in the village commercial and highway commercial districts under the following conditions:

  • That each structure must contain at least three dwelling units.
  • Not less than 25% of all dwelling units shall be designated as full time rental apartments. At the time of Planning Board approval, the units designated as full time rental apartments must be shown on the plan with a condition that they are leased for twenty years from the date of Planning Board approval by the developer and a deed restriction shall be recorded in the Registry of Deeds as evidence of the same.
  • All lots must be serviced by municipal water and sewerage.
  • Rental/Deed restricted units shall be a maximum of 1,000 square feet and a minimum of 300 square feet.
  • Architectural design plans must be submitted to the Zoning Board of Adjustment at the time of application to ensure compliance with the zoning regulations. 

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