Commercial Amusements. Commercial Amusements.

Because the Town wishes to maintain a character, which protects the long term, high quality environment, which will ultimately protect tourism in the valley, commercial amusements are hereby regulated to prevent adverse impacts on the Town's character and environment. All commercial amusements on a lot shall be located within an enclosed building, and the following shall apply:

  • Commercial amusements may occupy 10% or less of the floor space of a business in any Business District, by permit of the Zoning Officer and without Site Plan Review by the Planning Board.
  • Commercial amusements may occupy more than 10 percent of the floor space of a business in any Business District, subject to the condition that no noise, light or other adverse impact outside the building shall be caused by the amusements or their use. Site Plan Review approval by the Planning Board shall be required.
Commercial Amusements.

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