Permit Required For All Other Signs. Permit Required For All Other Signs.

  • SIGN APPLICATION PROCESS. Any action requiring a sign permit shall be permitted only upon the application to, and approval of the Zoning Officer. Applications shall use the following process:
  • An application form for each sign shall be completed and signed by the owner of the property.
  • A complete application shall also include the following:
    • fee of $60;
    • written description of the proposed type, size, height, setback, sign and supporting structure materials, and illumination of the sign.
    • statement specifically addressing compliance with offsite commercial sign restriction, and
    • analysis regarding impact of safety, specifically addressing lighting/glare and line-of-sight blockage for vehicles and pedestrians.
  • Upon receipt of a complete application, the Zoning Officer shall have up to 14 days to either approve or deny the application.
  • If the application is denied, the Zoning Officer shall issue a written decision stating the reason(s) for denial.
  • If the application is approved, the Zoning Officer shall issue an approval for the erection of a sign. The sign permit is valid for one (1) year from date of approval. If the sign is not erected within one (1) year, the permit shall expire.
Permit Required For All Other Signs.

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