Structure And Building Height. Structure And Building Height. 

Structure height is restricted to achieve several purposes. The town is economically dependent upon tourism and attracts visitors with its rural character and mountainous setting. Maintaining the traditional scale and style of structures aids in preserving the character of the town. Peaked roofs are encouraged because it is the traditional roof style here. (Care has been taken to prepare language, which does not unduly encourage the use of flat-roof buildings). The height restriction keeps structures and buildings below tree-top level, which is typically from sixty (60) to one hundred (100) feet for mature maple, beech, birch and pine trees. Structure height below treetop level helps maintain the rural atmosphere and preserve the view sheds throughout town. In addition, the height limit minimizes difficulty in providing fire protection. Also, care must be taken to preserve the views to the west from the village. The following shall apply throughout town: 

  • Structure height shall not exceed fifty-five (55) feet for any structure. For properties west of Route 16, structure height shall not exceed thirty (30) feet.
  • Building height shall not exceed forty-five (45) feet. For properties west of Route 16, building height shall not exceed twenty-five (25) feet.
  • Church steeples may be allowed to exceed fifty-five (55) feet in height by Special Exception on application to the Zoning Board of Adjustment as approved after a hearing with appropriate conditions imposed thereon provided that:
  • The space enclosed in the steeple is not usable floor space other than for maintenance and structural purposes of the steeple;
  • The height of the steeple is appropriate to the design and size of the Church.
Structure And Building Height. 

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