C. Inspections

C. Inspections

Initial inspection shall take place upon submission of proposed road plans. It is the responsibility of the owner(s) to have roads laid out with centerline grade stakes at every half station. The Board of Selectmen will notify owner(s) of the date of inspection.
Prior to the start of the work, a pre-construction meeting will be held to review procedures, identify responsibilities and discuss Town requirements. The contractor and the contractor’s superintendent shall attend the pre-construction meeting. The following items shall be submitted at or before the pre-construction meeting:

  1. Two (2) copies of the approved plans;
  2. US EPA NPDES Notice of Intent (NOI) and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP);
  3. Surety of Work;
  4. Testing and inspection fees; and
  5. Project schedule.

The Town and the Town’s representatives shall have full access to the site when the work is in preparation, during construction and after completion. They may observe the work on a periodic or full-time basis. The Town must be present during the installation of utilities, drainage pipes, geotextile and pavement and must observe the work at other specified stages. 

The applicant shall notify the Office of the Town Engineer two business days prior to the required inspections. Upon notification of applicant, Town Engineer or designee shall perform the following inspections within 48 hours:

  1. Cleared and Grubbed - Roadway is clear and grubbed down to native soil, free of loam or other unsuitable materials prior to the placement of any fill.
  2. Drainage - Installation of pipe, culvert, basins, etc.
  3. Embankment – Placing and compacting the embankment material.
  4. Geotextile – Geotextile is laid.
  5. Aggregate Subbase - Aggregate Subbase is installed and compacted.
  6. Aggregate base - Aggregate base is installed and compacted.
  7. Pavement installation - Applicant must notify the Town of date(s) which pavement will be installed. The Town must give approval prior to the placement of pavement. The Town must be present during the installation of pavement.
  8. Utilities-Installation of conduits, cables, pipe, and warning tape for electric, water, sewage, etc. The Town must be present during the installation of utilities.
  9. As built drawings- Shall be maintained on a daily basis, weekly inspections will be conducted.
  10. Final inspection - After the submission of as built drawings and prior to the release of the surety the Town shall conduct a final inspection. All items from the Town's punch list shall be addressed prior to the acceptance of the work.

Failure to notify the Town or their designated representative of said inspection points shall give the Town the right to reject the work and require reconstruction. 

The Town and/or their designated representative shall at all times have access to the site for the purpose of performing inspections. 

The cost of inspection and testing shall be paid by the applicant(s).