§ 123-41 - Outdoor Display of Goods.

§ 123-41 - Outdoor Display of Goods.

The purpose of this section is to regulate outdoor merchandise sales and displays. Sale areas shall meet the following criteria:

  1. Site Plan approval shall be required for all sales regulated by this Chapter.
  2. The maximum allowable outdoor sale area shall be the lesser of five percent of the interior floor area or 1000 square feet.
  3. Only one sale area shall be allowed per business.
  4. Sale areas shall not be permitted within any public or private right-of-way.
  5. Sale areas shall be located within covered sidewalk areas if they exist. In cases where an uncovered sidewalk or no sidewalk exists, sale areas shall be located within five feet of the building, separated from all parking areas by at least five (5) feet.
  6. Such uses shall comply with all Town adopted Building, Fire, Life Safety and ADA Codes at the time of application.

This section shall not in any way supersede the guidelines set forth in Section 123-30.

Outdoor Display of Goods.

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