§ 123-5 - Minor Review.

§ 123-5 - Minor Review.

The application for a Minor Review shall be made to the Planning Board.

The applicant shall follow the process specified in Section 123-8 through Section 123-19 of this Chapter. In the case of approved Minor Review applications, plans will not be recorded at the Registry of Deeds, unless required by the Planning Board. The following shall apply:

  1. Submit to the Planner a complete application as defined in Article V. Applicants are advised to utilize this checklist themselves to avoid submitting incomplete applications which will cause delays. Note that other governmental approvals must be applied for at the time of application submission, though the actual permit or approval may be a condition of Site Plan Review approval.
  2. A site sketch must be prepared by the applicant for a Minor Review application. This sketch need not be prepared by a surveyor or engineer. The site sketch shall be drawn reasonably to scale such that it reasonably depicts the site. The applicant should use a tape measure to ensure distances are reasonably accurate, and all such measurements should be indicated on the sketch. If multiple sheets are needed, the applicant is advised to draw a base sketch and make copies of it. Additional information can then be written or drawn on the copies in contrasting colors.
  3. The Planner shall prepare a written review of the application and provide it to the Planning Board one week prior to application acceptance. The Planner shall be responsible for obtaining the input of other Town staff, although applicants shall be responsible for obtaining precinct input and approvals. Applicants and abutters may pick up at Town Hall a copy of the written review as soon as it is available to the Board.
  4. Board members should visit the site to familiarize themselves with the site.
Minor Review.

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