Ch 83 - Amusements

Ch 83 - Amusements

Most Recently Revised: March 10, 1982

Article I - Carnival and Amusement Rides [Adopted 3/82]

83.1. safety Inspection required.

The operator of any carnival or amusement ride (as defined by RSA 321) who seeks a license to operate the same within the Town of Conway shall be required to cause each such ride to satisfactorily pass a safety inspection to be made by an inspector acceptable to the Director, Division of Safety Services, State of New Hampshire and the insurer covering same, this inspection to be made while said rides are being assembled, and an operating inspection to be made following assembly, this inspection report to be reviewed by the town before a license to operate said ride is issued.

83-2. - Daily checklist.

In addition, a daily written checklist of inspection and test will be required. This checklist is to be signed by the responsible person designated by the owner-operator of the amusement rides. This daily checklist will be done under the supervision of a person designated by the Board of Selectmen and will be available upon demand during each day of operation to law enforcement officials or a designee of the Board of Selectmen of the Town of Conway.