Ch 43 - Purchasing Policy

Ch 43 - Purchasing Policy

Most Recently Revised:May 15, 1989

43-1. Designation of purchasing Officer.

The Town Manager is the Purchasing Officer under RSA 37:6.

43-2. Purchasing forms.

All purchases of materials, supplies, equipment and services must be made on purchasing forms and approved by the Town Manager. These forms should include a description of the item, as well as any stock or item number, and a short reference to where or what it is used for, if not easily apparent to those reviewing purchase orders.

43-3. - Authorization and approval of purchases, quotations; public bids.

  1. Purchases for the Public Works Departments (Highway, Solid Waste, Parks and Recreation) may be the Public Works approved by Director up to two thousand dollars ($2,000).
  2. The Town Manager may authorize other department heads or employees to make purchases up to two hundred fifty dollars ($250). Purchases between two hundred fifty dollars ($250) and five thousand dollars ($5,000) must have the approval of the Town Manager, and purchases above five thousand dollars ($5,000) must be approved by the Board of Selectmen.
  3. Quotations and public bids required.
    1. For purchases between one thousand dollars ($1,000) and five thousand dollars ($5,000), at least two (2) written quotations must be obtained and submitted to the Town Manager or Public Works Director for approval prior to issuing a purchase order.
    2. For purchases between one hundred dollars ($100) and' one thousand dollars ($1,000), at least two (2) quotes, which may be verbal, must be obtained and noted on a quotation form.
    3. All purchases of five thousand dollars ($5,000) and higher must be submitted to public bid unless the permission of the Board of Selectmen is obtained.
    4. The Board of Selectmen may make such exclusions or emergency exceptions from this policy as they deem advisable.

43-4. purchase orders; receiving slips.

All purchase orders or receiving slips shall be turned in to the Town Office within three (3) days of purchase.

[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Selectmen 2-7-83; amended in its entirety 5-15-89. Amendments noted where applicable.]