Conway Planning Board By-Laws

Conway Planning Board By-Laws

Article I - Name:

The name shall be "Town of Conway, New Hampshire Planning Board" as adopted at the town  Meeting on March 10, 1970. Hereafter, the term  "Board" shall be used to simplify the text.

Article II - Purpose:

The purpose of the Board is to plan for the orderly short- and long-term development of the Town, and to adopt and administer such regulations that fall within its jurisdiction.

Article III - Membership:

The Board shall consist of seven members. six members shall be elected at Town Meeting, and one ex-officio member shall be appointed by the Board of Selectmen. All seven members have the power to vote. The Board may also appoint up to three alternates to serve in the absence of regular members. Selection, qualifications, terms, removal of members and filling of vacancies shall conform with RSA 673:5-14.

Article IV - Officers:

The Board shall annually elect three officers at the first meeting after Town Meeting. The officers are Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary. Voting for officers may be by ballot if requested by a majority of members present.

Article V - Duties Of Officers:

A. Chairman. The Chairman shall call the meeting to order, preside over the deliberations, ensure that all proceedings are held in accordance with Town and State law, appoint committees, prepare an annual report, and perform other duties customary to the office.

B. Vice Chairman. In the absence of the Chairman, the Vice Chairman shall perform all duties of the Chairman.

C. secretary. The Secretary shall keep a full and accurate record of all proceedings, issue notices of all meetings, prepare correspondence and perform other duties customary to the office or as directed by the Chairman.

Article VI - Employees:

The Board, at its discretion, may utilize the services of Town Employees such as the Recording Secretary and Town Planner. Specific duties shall be assigned by the Board.

Article VII - Committees:

  1. The Board may establish advisory committees by a majority vote. such committees shall report directly to the Planning Board.
  2. Committee members shall be Conway residents, and at least one member shall be a member of the Planning Board appointed by the Chairman.
  3. Upon creation of a committee, the Board shall establish by majority vote the following:
    1. number of committee members;
    2. clear statement of assignment;
    3. time frame for fulfilling assigned duties; and
    4. progress reports and final work product expected.

Article VIII - Meetings:

  1. Regular meetings shall be held at least monthly. The date, time and place of regular meetings shall be selected by majority vote of the Board at the first meeting following Town Meeting, or at any other regUlar or special meeting.
  2. A regular meeting may be postponed by the Chairman upon written request by four members of the Board, and provided that all members are so notified. However, the Board shall hold at least one meeting each month as required by RSA 673:10,11.
  3. The order of business at regular meetings shall be as follows:
    1. call to order by Chairman
    2. roll call by Secretary
    3. appointment of alternates by the Chairman, as necessary
    4. review of minutes
    5. meeting business
    6. other business
    7. adjournment
  4. Special meetings may be called by the Chairman or in his absence by the Vice Chairman, upon written request by four members of the Board. The date, time and place of special meetings shall be selected by the Chairman. No business shall be acted upon unless a quorum is present. Public notice shall be provided as specified in RSA 91-A:2,II.

Article IX - Public Hearings:

The conduct of public hearings shall be governed by the following:
  1. The Chairman shall open the public hearing and report on the matter for which notice was given.
  2. The applicant shall be called to present the proposal.
  3. The Chairman shall allow all those in attendance to have an opportunity to speak regarding the proposal. The Chairman shall allow each individual an opportunity to speak before allowing anyone to speak a second time, and may take action to avoid repetition of discussion.
  4. All discussion shall be directed to the Chairman.
  5. After all comments have been received, the Chairman shall either close or continue the hearing. The date, time and place of every
    continuance shall be specified.

Article X - Rules Of Procedure:

  1. The Board may adopt such Rules of Procedure as it deems necessary to conduct business, provided that such rules comply with the following provisions.
  2. Four members of the Board shall constitute a quorum. No business may be transacted without a quorum, but a lesser number may meet and adjourn.
  3. A motion, duly seconded, shall be carried when a majority of members present and voting vote in the affirmative.

Article XI - Suspension Of Rules:

These By-Laws may be temporarily suspended by an affirmative vote of at least five Board members.

Article XII - Amending The Rules:

These By-Laws may be amended by vote of the Board, provided that such amendment is read at two successive meetings immediately preceding the meeting at which the vote is to be taken.

Adopted on April 12, 1990