Ch 32 - Personnel Policy

Ch 32 - Personnel Policy

Most Recently Revised: March 25, 1995

Article I - 32.1. Insurance Benefits

[See Article III]

Article II - 32.2. Part-Time Employee Benefits

[See Article III]

Article III - 32.3. Labor Agreement.

  1. Non Union Personnel Policy established and adopted by Board of Selectmen 1-1-93; as amended from time to time, titled "Non Union Personnel Policy" on file and available at Town Offices.
  2. 1-1-95 Certified bargaining units are AFSCME Local #859, Public Works Department, and AFSCME Local #3657, Police Department, with benefits and employment conditions per respective Labor Agreements which are amended by negotiation and ratification from time to time. Contracts are available and on file in the Town Offices.

ARTICLE IV - 32.4. Indemnification of Employees.

[Article 23, adopted 3-11-86] by the Annual Town Meeting, reads as follows:

"To see whether or not the Town will vote to indemnify and/or save harmless any person, from time to time, employed by the Town, including but not limited to its Town Manager, Assistant Town Manager, and/or Appraiser, any member of its Board of Selectmen, any administrative staff members, and any member or agencies, boards, committees, commissions, all of which may include, but are not limited to, the Board of Adjustment, Planning Board, Trustee of Funds, Trustee of Libraries, Park Commission, Conservation Commission, Municipal Budget Committee, and/or any elected or appointed Town officials, all acting for and/or to the benefit of the Town of Conway from any personal financial loss or damage and/or expense including reasonable legal fees and costs, if any, arising out of any claim, demand, suit or judgment from any of the following:

  1. By reason of any act or omission constituting a violation of the civil rights of an employee or any person under any federal and/or state law or constitution if such act or omission is not committed with malice and the indemnified person at the time of such act or omission was acting within the scope of his/her employment or office, and
  2. By reason of negligence or other act resulting in accidental injury to a person or accidental damage to or destruction of property if the indemnified person at the time of the accident resulting in injury, damage or destruction was acting in the scope of his/her employment or office;

This vote to remain valid until revoked or modified by subsequent  vote of said Town."

NOTE: Based on the Town Codes as originally codified 5-25-87 and updated in 1991 by General Code Publishers, and further updated by Town staff to the best of their ability based on records available through July, 1994.