Ch 143 - Alcoholic Beverages

Ch 143 - Alcoholic Beverages

143-1. Prohibited acts.

No person shall drink any alcoholic beverage or alcoholic liquor, as defined in RSA 175:1, on any of the following premises within the Town of Conway:

  1. On any way as defined in RSA 259:125;
  2. Inside any vehicle while that vehicle is situated on any way as defined in RSA 259:125; or
  3. At any public place as defined in RSA 644:2 IV(b), except in those public places which are authorized to sell or distribute alcoholic beverages and/or alcoholic liquor for consumption on their premises pursuant to the New Hampshire Revised Statutes Annotated, Title XIII, Alcoholic Beverages.

143-2. Enforcement.

Any sworn law enforcement officer is empowered to enforce the provisions of this chapter.

143-3. Violations and penalties.

Any person found in violation of this chapter shall be guilty of a violation and may be fined not in excess of one thousand dollars ($1000) per each offense, with such fines to inure to the general budget of the town per RSA 31:39.