Ch 139 - Vehicles, All-Terrain

Ch 139 - Vehicles, All-Terrain

[Approved by Board of Selectmen 12/72]

139-1. Legislative intent.

This chapter shall regulate noise and trespassing of all-terrain vehicles.

139.2. Use restricted from certain areas.

Vehicles shall be kept two hundred (200) feet from homes, churches, ;schools, tree farms, nurseries, cemeteries and off all plowed private roads unless authorized by the owner(s) .

139-3. Designation of trails.

Trails should be designated after authorization by property owner(s).

139-4. Curfew for noise.

An 11:00 p.m. curfew for noise of machines within village limits will be enforced.

139-5. Violations and penalties.

Violation of this chapter shall carry a fine not to exceed twenty dollars ($20).