Ch 120 - Peace and Good Order

Ch 120 - Peace and Good Order

Article I - Alcoholic Beverages; Loitering

120-1. Drinking alcohol in public places.

No person shall drink any alcoholic beverages or alcoholic liquor, as defined in Chapter 175 of the New Hampshire Revised statutes Annotated, upon any public street, highway, public sidewalk, municipal parking lot or municipal park within the limits of the Town of Conway.

120-2. Loitering on foot-walks and sidewalks.

Three (3) or more persons shall not stand or loiter in a group or near each other on any footwalk or sidewalk in the town, so as to obstruct the free and unimpeded passage of foot passengers thereon; and any person obstructing any footwalk or sidewalk by standing or loitering thereon shall move on immediately on request of any police officer and shall not again return to the place from which he has been requested to move or stand in a group or loiter int hat place or elsewhere on any footwalk or sidewalk, after being so requested to move.

120-3. Loitering near doors, windows, passageways after request to leave.

No person or persons shall sit, stand or lounge on a public way in or about any door, windows or passageways except the owners or occupants of the premises, after having been requested by the owner, occupant or any police officer to depart there from.

120-4. Remaining on private property after request to leave.

No person shall remain on private property after being requested to remove himself by the owner or occupant or if said property is posted to prohibit trespassing.

120-5. Violations and penalties.

Any person violating this Article shall be fined a sum not exceeding twenty-five dollars ($25).

ARTICLE II - Urination in Public

[Adopted 3-12-85 by Annual Town Meeting, Art. 18]

120-6. urination in public unlawful.

It shall be unlawful to urinate on any public property situated within the borders of said Town of Conway, New Hampshire.

120-7. Definitions.

As used in the Article, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:
PUBLIC PROPERTY - As any way defined in RSA 259: 125 (II), any property owned by the Town of Conway and any property owned by the state of New Hampshire.

120-8. Violations and Penalties.

Any person violating this Article shall be fined up to one hundred dollars ($100.) for each offense, to inure to the Town for its general purposes.