Restrictions Regarding Home Occupations. Restrictions Regarding Home Occupations.

A home occupation is considered accessory to a residential use and shall not occupy an area greater than fifty percent (50%) of the total floor area of the residential unit or 1,500 square feet,
whichever is less. Home occupations are subject to the following provisions and restrictions: The home occupation shall be carried on by persons who live in the principal residential unit full time. Two (2) employees living off-premises are permitted. 

  • The home occupation shall be carried on within the principal residential unit or approved accessory structure.
  • Exterior storage of commercial vehicles, equipment or materials or variation from the residential character of the principal residential unit shall not be permitted.
  • The home occupation shall create no unreasonable noise, vibration smoke, dust, electrical disturbance, odors, heat, glare or other nuisance or threat to the health of the abutters.
  • Adequate off-street parking shall be provided.
  • A home occupation shall not generate excessive traffic or traffic in greater volumes than would normally be expected in a residential neighborhood.
  • A home occupation may display a non-illuminated outdoor sign not exceeding three (3) square feet in size.
  • A change of use permit to operate a home occupation is required before startup of operation.
  • Retail or wholesale sales are only permitted for those items raised or made on the premises.
  • A home occupation shall not be offensive to the character of the neighborhood, or decrease abutting property values.
Restrictions Regarding Home Occupations.

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