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The Town has no intention of restricting individual free speech, but the Town does recognize its right to place reasonable restrictions upon commercial speech. Further, the Town wishes to prevent excessive or unnecessary signage along road corridors. In keeping with this reasoning, off-site commercial signs shall be prohibited, except as follows:

  • Pedestrian-oriented off-site commercial signs (POOC signs) to encourage pedestrian activity (as opposed to vehicular traffic) in North Conway Village Commercial District shall be permitted as follows:
    • the POOC sign shall be posted in, and refer only to a business located in, the North Conway Village Commercial District;
    • the POOC sign shall be located on private property;
    • the POOC sign shall not be subject to setbacks; 
    • the POOC sign shall be mounted either on a freestanding pole or a wall, and when mounted on a freestanding pole there shall be no backing board of any kind;
    • the POOC sign shall be located and oriented to direct and inform pedestrians, and visibility to vehicles on roads shall be minimized where
    • the POOC sign shall be a one- or two-sided sign with dimensions being 4" tall by 18" long;
    • a business utilizing any other type of off-site commercial sign(s)within the Town shall be prohibited from using the POOC sign; a business shall be permitted to utilize no more than two POOC signs;
    • no more than 10 POOC signs shall be located on a lot; 
    • a permit is required for the establishment of a new POOC sign, as well as for the change of message if the business identified by the POOC sign changes;
    • both the property owner of the lot on which the sign is located and the owner of the business to which the sign refers shall be co-applicants and must both sign the application and abide by the conditions of approval; and 
    • the POOC sign shall provide a directional message only, and shall refer only to an off-site business.
    • the POOC sign shall be located within 400 feet of the lot to which it provides direction, and further shall be on the same side of Route 16/302.
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