Sign Incentives. Sign Incentives. 

The purpose of these sign incentives is to reduce visual clutter and distraction from the natural environment caused by signs. This system offers design and size bonuses as a means of encouraging certain site and sign designs. 

  • Any freestanding, projecting or wall sign, which conforms, to all provisions of this chapter shall be permitted to utilize up to 20% of the maximum permitted message area for changeable copy.
  • A freestanding sign which conforms to all provisions of this chapter shall be permitted to increase its message area: by up to 20 square feet above that otherwise permitted under this chapter if the lot has at least 300 but less than 500 feet of frontage on a Class 5 or better road; or by up to 40 square feet above that otherwise permitted under this chapter if the lot has 500 or more feet of frontage on a Class 5 or better road. In no case, however, shall such increases cause any sign message area to exceed 80 square feet. The factory written declaration to be recorded at the Carroll County Registry of Deeds, in which the owner, its heirs, successors and assigns, agree that, if the frontage of the property is subsequently reduced below that amount required for the bonus granted, the sign shall be removed or replaced with a sign which fully conforms with the provisions of this chapter; and that no subdivision of a lot shall be permitted unless a freestanding sign erected under this provision continues to conform to this provision; and such agreement must be legally enforceable by the Town of Conway.
  • On a site where the freestanding sign conforms to all provisions of this chapter, the maximum wall sign message area permitted per Section may be increased by 50 percent.
Sign Incentives. 

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