Flags, Banners, Pennants, Etc: Flags, Banners, Pennants, Etc:

  • In addition to the signs otherwise permitted by this Chapter, there may be displayed, on any lot, up to three flags displaying any otherwise legal symbol, message or information, commercial or non-commercial; except that off-site commercial flags shall be restricted as set forth in this Chapter. No such flag shall exceed 24 square feet measured by one face of the flag only. Any such flag shall be mounted directly to one flag pole. A “flag pole” is a pole intended and placed solely for the support and display of a flag or flags, and does not include utility poles, light poles, trees or other sign structures. All flag poles shall be erected vertically, or within 45 degrees of the vertical. No portion of any flag pole shall be sited within 10 feet of a property line. No flag pole shall extend more than 35 feet in height above grade, or, if mounted on a building, 55 feet above the average finished grade of the building.
  • Banners, pennants, search lights, twirling signs, balloons or other gasfilled figures, and other such materials shall be prohibited, except as specified herein. 
  • This Section shall not be construed to prevent any sign otherwise permitted by this Chapter, and which conforms to all sign requirements of this chapter, from taking the form of a flag or other fabric. Banners may be used to cover part or all of an existing freestanding, projecting or wall sign to advertise temporary events. The net effect of this activity shall not increase the message area of any permitted sign or signs.
Flags, Banners, Pennants, Etc:

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