Outdoor Commercial Activities Outdoor Commercial Activities

such as drive-up windows, remote outdoor speaker systems, interactive signs, menu boards or other similar devices with speakers, any of which operate in close proximity to residential property, constitute a nuisance due to unconfined noise and light, as well as operating hours that are not compatible with the residential environment.

  • Commercial Activities that operate drive-up windows, remote outdoor speakers, interactive signs, menu boards or other similar devices with speakers that permit customers or the general public to communicate with personnel within the commercial building or other location on the commercial property shall be at least three hundred (300) feet from the closer of the Residential Zone boundary or from the nearest residential property line, and if the time of operation begins before 9:00 a.m. or ends after 5:00 p.m. the separation distance shall be at least six hundred (600) feet. Substantial effective buffering against sound and light shall be provided in either case. These setbacks may be waived by the Planning Board during the Site Plan Review process if the property abuts the Flood Plain Conservation District and it can be shown that there will be no sound or light impact on residential use.
Outdoor Commercial Activities

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