§ 147.11 - Helicopters

§ 147.11 - Helicopters

No helicopter or other rotary wing aircraft capable of vertical take-off and landing profile, may land or take-off in the Town of Conway, except for properly licensed helicopters providing medical and related evacuation services and emergency services essential to the public health and safety, such as: search and rescue, firefighting, law enforcement and other related services.

No landing or take-off of commercial scenic helicopter tours or chartered flights shall be allowed in the Town of Conway. The following may be allowed by Special Exception:

The Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) may approve helicopter operations for construction and survey work, where no other practical method is available to do the work, and for special events such as: the visit of a dignitary, recreational events such as ski, tennis, equine or golf events, or some other events of short term nature. No approval for a special exception under this amendment shall be granted unless the ZBA makes a finding that the helicopter use will not constitute a nuisance or hazard to the town residents and their property.


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