Mobile Home Parks Mobile Home Parks 

are allowed in the NCVC District, provided that they meet the following minimum requirements:

  • A mobile home park shall contain a minimum of ten (10) acres and shall have a minimum frontage of sixty (60) feet on or a sixty-foot right-of-way to a public street.
  • There shall be at least ten (10) mobile home spaces available at first occupancy.
  • A minimum of ten thousand (10,000) square feet shall be provided for each mobile home space.
  • Each mobile home shall be provided with a mobile home stand, surfaced with a material providing suitable stability to bear the weight of a mobile home at all times of the year and having adequate gradient or crown to provide for proper surface drainage.
  • All State of New Hampshire requirements for mobile home parks shall be met.
  • All mobile homes permitted under this section must be connected to a sewerage system and water source, both meeting minimum local and State of New Hampshire standards, as applicable and then promulgated; such systems shall be approved by the Selectmen or their designated agent and be maintained so as not to cause a health or sanitation hazard.
Mobile Home Parks 

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