A Wee Bit 'bout Mr. Flanagan

I have to say that my biggest passion is working with software. Despite living in one of America's most beautiful town's, North Conway - New Hampshire, what I really enjoy doing most of all is discovering new trends in web design and internet marketing, and then implimenting them into my own solutions. What I've discovered about a decade ago was a system for putting everything I know about web design, LAMP management and contemporary esphtetics on layouts and content into one place, and it's called Drupal.

Since the advent of the smartphone in 2008, when android picked up the market on Apple's iPhone, I've chosen Drupal as my prefered Content Managament System (CMS) to work with because of it's emence and diverece developer community, and it's strong discipline in developing modules that address business needs, technology integration, and enhancing design ensthetics at any level. Discovering how these modules can work together so seemlessly, to create a Web Set that addressing every part of a business's message and interaction with it's customer's and general audience with full control of every aspect of the delivered HTML is something that I work with daily, with as much passion as an avid horror novel reader has for the latest Steven King novel.